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Cataract Surgery By Phaco Machine

What is cataract and how it can be cured?

In a lay-man’s language, cataract can be defined as clouding of the normally clear lens of the eye. As the cloudiness of lens increases, light reaching the retina gets blocked and causes decrease in vision. Usually cataract is an age related problem. Till date, there are no medicines to cure or prevent cataract and, once a person has cataract, the only mode of treatment is surgery known as cataract surgery.

What are the causes of cataract?

Usually it is an age related process. The lens proteins degenerate and form opacities in the lens. It can also occur at an early age in many conditions like-

  • Congenital or hereditary
  • Systemic diseases like diabetes
  • Medicines like steroids
  • Eye injury- trauma, radiation etc.
  • Eye diseases like uveitis

What is the surgery for cataract?

Apart from the orthodox surgery, the ideal, state-of-the-art cataract surgery in today's date is a procedure called Phaco-emulsification with foldable lens implantation. The whole surgery is done through a small suture-less incision (cut) with micro fine instruments under sophisticated operating microscopes using the phaco-emulsification machine. An ultrasonic tip cuts the cataract into small pieces, emulsifies (pulps) and sucks them out of the eye. Through the same small incision, an artificial lens called Intra-ocular lens (IOL) is implanted in place of the earlier opaque lens. This lens allows light to be clearly focused on the retina leading to improved vision.

What are the advantages of phaco-emulsification?

The advantage are many like NO STITCH / NO INJECTION / NO EYE PATCH following cataract surgery. It is done as a day care procedure where the patient is required to be in the hospital for a few hours only. Visual recovery is faster, postoperative period is more comfortable and dependence on glasses after surgery is less.