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Free Medicines and Meals

In addition to providing quality eye treatment to the patients in general, the most important activity of the hospital is FREE EYE CAMPS for the poor rural patients. The OPD is conducted at the door-steps of these patients i.e. in the identified villages. The patients who need prescriptions for small eye diseases are disposed of then and there. The patients requiring operation for cataract and lens implant, are bought in the hospital owned ambulance to the base hospital where, after they are admitted. Each patient is permitted to have one person as personal attendant during the stay of the patient in the hospital. They are provided lodging in Buxani Wing, almost adjacent to the hospital where large halls have been created wherein male and female patients are kept separately. Pre-operative tests are carried out to ensure that the patient does not have any past record of diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes etc. which may cause hindrance during the operation. The operation for removal of cataract and implant of intra-ocular lens is thereafter performed by the well experienced and qualified ophthalmologists of the hospital. The patients, after the operation, are given the prescribed medicines during their stay. They are provided morning tea, break-fast, lunch and dinner prepared hygienically in the kitchen of the hospital and served by the volunteers. The personal attendant of the patient is also served these items. After discharge, the patients are provided with specs to fine tune their vision in consonance with the lens implanted. They are also given required medicines for curing their post operative problems, if any. Thereafter, they are sent back to their villages in the Ambulance of the hospital. The doctors ensure post operative follow up and ultimately, the patient is completely cured from the controllable blindness. The hospital provides free medicines for a week to the patients operated upon in these free eye camps, at the time of their discharge. They experience friendly , homely environment and are fully satisfied with our hospitality.

SSEH provides 7-days free Medicines to the Eye Camp Patients at the time of discharge. Free Meal and Boarding facility is provided to the free eye camp patients and their attendant. They experience friendly , homely environment and are fully satisfied with our hospitality.