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Pediatric Eye

Eye care for children is much different from that for an adult and even drastically different than that for a senior adult. A child's ability to see develops rapidly in the first months and years of life. One can notice very early that babies use their eyes to locate people and objects. If any bizarre visual behaviour of the child is observed, immediate eye examination should be sought. Even if no distinct abnormality is observed, it is suggested that all the children must have their vision checked within the first three to four years of their life.

If the parents observe any signs of developmental delay in vision of the child or the family has some history of eye diseases or pediatric cataracts, there should not be any hesitation in getting the eyes of the child checked up by an eye care professional. The optometric staff can arrange regular eye examination of the children in schools. If surgery is required, an appropriate and trained pediatric ophthalmologist is needed.

childhood vision problem
  • Amblyopia
  • Strabismus is often called misaligned eyes
  • Retinopathy of Pre maturity