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Childhood blindness is an important contribution to the burden of blindness. There are many causes of blindness in children. Blindness may be due to genetic mutations, birth defects, pre mature birth, nutritional deficiencies, infections, injuries, and other cause. Severe retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), cataracts and refractive error are also causes.

It can be prevented. According to WHO an estimated 19 million children are vision impaired. Of these 12 million children have a vision impairment due to refractive error. Around 1.4 million have irreversible blindness, access to vision rehabilitation services to optimize functioning and reduce disability.

Globally there are 158 million people with visual impairment due to uncorrected refractive error. Among 5 to 15 year old children have uncorrected refractive error. It is the main cause of vision impairment.

The WHO and vision 2020 include refractive error as a priority in the prevention of childhood blindness and they also recommend Low vision care for children.

Sewa Sadan eye hospital is running Pediatric clinic for prevention of childhood blindness.

Dr. Rashmi apte and Dr. Kavita Gupta are our pediatric ophthalmologist.

We have pediatric vision chart, synoptophore. We are running vision therapy and low vision clinic also. We perform all pediatric ophthalmic surgeries.